Cousins having fun

I was asked by Shellie if I could do pictures of her two daughters (Aubrie and Lauren) and their cousin Alex. We had been talking about a time and place and decided on the University of Oregon Campus. We met up at 2pm on Saturday right after Alex's nap. Campus has some beautiful old buildings.  

I just love this picture of the three of them. 

While going through the images I realized that Aubrie is growing up way to fast. She is turning out to be a wonderful young lady. When I showed her mom the images she was like we are not doing her Senior pictures yet while laughing. 

Alex was not having anything to do with not being on his dad Matt. So we got the girls to run around him and make him laugh. 

Alex made some of the cutest expressions. 

Who needs toys for a toddler! Alex loved playing with the tupperware lid and laughing at Dan make funny faces at him. 

About half way through the shoot we tricked Alex for a brief moment to stand with the girls. I was able to capture a picture before he realized his dad wasn't holding him. 

Lauren and Aubrie are one of the funniest, most out going sisters I have met. They love to goof off and have their picture taken. They always have great ideas on what they want to do.  

Lauren is such a fun, exciting girl. She is always happy and loves to make people laugh. The last photo shoot she was singing songs. Today she was having fun trying to catch bubbles that her sister was blowing. But no matter what she is always so full of life. When I see her at the pool she had stickers all over her face that she put on just for fun. 

What a great family photo. I was glad I got to meet this family. 

The girls were at the drinking fountain checking it out. While they were trying to figure out how it worked we pushed the button to make it come on. This was so funny. They even wanted us to do it again while they had their mouths over the water. Lauren and Aubrie are such characters they make me laugh.