Prom: What a wonderful evening

Chaz and Hannah have been dating for about 4 months. They are in the 8th grade and Hannah saw that there was a middle school semi formal prom and asked Chaz to go with her. Chaz is my son so when he came home from school and told me about it I told him he could go but I wanted pictures. They decided on a country setting. Dorris Ranch is a beautiful place. 

I love this picture of Chaz. He is patiently waiting for Hannah and her friend Rislen to arrive. 

Hannah is a wonderful young lady. She is so full of energy and so sweet. 

These 2 have such a wonderful friendship. 

It is very hard to express my feelings. I don't know where to start. These 2 are so great. It also helps that I am the mother to a wonderful son. It seems like he was just a little boy not that long ago learning how to ride a bike. 

Hannah and Rislen are so fun to be around. They are so full of life. 

While we were taking pictures some people came by riding horses. I asked them if we could do a few pictures with the horse. Hannah loves horses so this made her evening perfect. The smile on her face says it all!

I love this picture so much. They both are growing up so fast. I can't believe they start high school next year.