Why you should hire a Professional Photographer

Everyone has asked the question of why they should hire a professional photographer. And lets face it everyone has a camera from either a nice DSLR to a phone that actually has a decent camera in it. If you are just wanting everyday casual photos then you probably don’t need to hire a photographer but if you are wanting a great photograph that captures those wonderful memories for you that you will cherish the rest of your life then you need a professional photographer. So they think that as long as they have a nice camera they don’t need to hire a professional photographer right? Wrong! Here are the reasons. 

We all have that friend who says they will photograph your event for you for free or next to nothing and you think “Great that will save me money”. So you have your friend photograph your wedding, child’s senior pictures, or your annual family photo. You have put so much time in getting ready and making sure everything is perfect and then you get the photos back and you are so upset and in tears because the images are not great. You imagined your friend would capture these amazing images that you see all over the internet and that is not what you got. This was a one time event and you can’t redo it. The decorations are gone, the cake is eaten, the whole family is not together anymore. All you have now are these bad photos of this special event you put so much time and money into putting on. And you are wishing you would of hired a professional photographer. This has happened to most everyone at some point in their lives. 

During a shoot anything can happen and the photographer must act quickly and make sure everything still goes smoothly and captures wonderful images.

When an amateur takes a photo they normally just point and shoot. But professionals look for many more aspects such as light, where the subject is standing (such as making sure a pole or tree is not coming out of there head), body position, exposure time, angle and distance. 

If you are the person taking all the photos in your family chances are you will not be in any of the photos. When you look back at those images years later you wish you were in at least a few with your family. By hiring a professional photographer you will be in your family photos.

Before your session your professional photographer will have talked to you about what you would like as far as location, themed session, posed vs natural. They will scout the perfect location for you and bring everything you need to make your photo session a wonderful experience. 

After your session your photographer will take your images back to the studio and edit them. They will insure your images are perfectly polished for you.

Details are so important to every image whether they are for an infant shoot where the blankets needs to be smooth, fabric be just perfect for the babies skin, the precious bodies posed just right including their little fingers. Or a senior session to make sure the images reflect their personality. 

Professional Photographers have years of experience. They have worked hard to improve their skills over time and continue to educate themselves to make sure you have the best experience and images possible. 

Once the day is over all you will have is that precious memory of you getting married, you being pregnant, holding your newborn, or  your child graduating High School. You should make sure you have the best images of those important moments in your life. Your memory will fade over time but when a person looks back at at image of a great moment in their life they remember it like yesterday. Those wonderful memories you can not go back and relive but you can look at them and remember the great times. And that you can not put a price tag on. 

When I had my son who is now 14 everyone told me that time was going to fly by and I didn’t really believe them. Now that he is starting High School this Fall I wonder what happen to the time. I look at him and see a wonderful young man standing and he is not my little boy anymore. I do go back through the images of when he was younger that remember all the great times. 

This is a son swimming the mile at state in Gresham, Or. I would not of be able to capture this image with the details without shooting in manual and knowing how to expose for bright conditions.

Lauren is such a fun, outgoing girl. Her and her sister where running around playing during there photo session and she stopped to look up and I love the way this image turned out.