Foster Lake Water Polo

This was the 3rd annual open water polo tournament at Foster Lake just outside of Sweet Home, Oregon. But this was my first year going. Teams come from all over. There was 30 teams from Canada, New Mexico, California, and Oregon. It is the only open water tournament West of the Mississippi. The tournament had 2 open water course, a warmup clinic and onsite camping. My son plays on the  Eugene City Water Polo team. This was a great experience and we all look forward to going again next year. 

Water Polo I my opinion is one of the hardest sports. It is a very physical demanding sport. You must tread water at all times, You can not touch the bottom. A lot goes on under the water that you can't see. I have seen players with black eyes, scratch marks down there bodies, concussions, suits ripped. There is a lot going on all the time that you must pay attention to all while trying not to be "drowned" by the other team. 

What a great time the parents had. On the way over to watch our children play their game we got in a water fight with some of the other parents. 

We ended up going a little to fast in the no wake zone and got told to slow down. 

Alex playing great defense. 

Listening to Cray their coach talk between quarters. 

Chaz looking for an open team mate to throw the ball to. 

Charlie doing what it takes to get the ball.