Waterpolo: Players vs Parents

My son Chaz is a competitive swimmer year round and also plays water polo. He gets 1 week off from both sports at Spring Break. Chaz is a Sophmore at Springfield High school. He swims on the HS team and also for the club team WSC. Chaz plays waterpolo for his HS and for ECWP. It is always the family saying that all he does is eat, sleep, and swim. And that is so true. 

Chaz and his team mates train all year to do their best. They get up at 5am so they can be at the pool for 5:30am practice then go to school then do it again after school. They work so hard to accomplish their goals as far as making the times they want and or winning the game. Come game time/meets our kids are excited. We as parents sit in the stands and watch nervously, but excited. Sometimes we yell for them to swim faster or get the ball all cause we get a little to excited and want them to win. We forget how hard they are working and doing their best at least I do sometimes. 

Waterpolo is one of the most physically and mentally intensense sports I can think of. It is a combination of soccer and football but much harder. You can not touch the bottom but are expected to jump out of the water. You have no protection as far as gear like you do other contact sports. The players try to wear the smallest speedo possible that way the other team has nothing to grab onto to too hold you under the water or keep you from making a play. Waterpolo is a very physical sport and you must be in great shape. 

Last month during the last week of HS water polo the coaches did a fun night of players vs parents. About 14 parents joined in on the fun. Luckily the parents got to stand on the bottom and didn't have much in the way of rules. The first few part of the game us parents were like wait how do we egg beater again lol. Most of us gave up on that and just stood on the bottom. We did try to catch and throw with one hand though. It was so hard to get up and throw the ball when you have the other team trying to take the ball from you, pushing you down in the water all while you are just trying to breath. After the game some of us parents were talking about how much harder it was than it looked and we understand why they are always hungry and tired. I have a new appreciation for people who play water polo. It takes a lot of dedication. Come next Fall during HS water polo season while sitting in the stands I will try to remember how hard they are trying and that whether they win or lose I know how hard it is. I do look forward to another player vs parent game even though I know us parents don't stand a chance even with more parents in the water than players.