Senior Portraits: Tristan

Tristan | Willamette High School | 2017 Senior

Q~ How would you describe your style?

A~ Mostly moderate but I do like the preppy style too

Q~ What is your favorite qoute or saying?

A~ "If you can't make it look good, at least make it look good ." ~Bill Gates

Q~ What are your hobbies?

A~ Building computers

Q~ 10 words to describe myself

A~ Strong, independent, easy going, observant, shy, creative, cautious, adaptable, considerate, frank

Q~ What are you plans after High school?

A~ Attend College

Q~ What is your favorite High School memory so far?

A~ Trying to fit all my friends in one spot to eat lunch day after day Freshman year 

Name 3 things on your bucket list: 

* Get a straight razor shave

* Win the lottery

* Go spear fishing