Senior Portraits: Grayson

Grayson | Cottage Grove High School | 2017 Senior

Q~ How would you describe your style?

A~ My life is motocross and dirt bikes. I am always wearing moto related stuff.

Q~ What is your favorite qoute or saying?

A~ "I's risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly". 

Q~ What are your hobbies?

A~ I enjoy spending time with family, and throwing my leg over my bike every chance I get. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and anything in the outdoors. 

Q~ 10 words to describe myself

A~ Happy, funny, witty, determined, focused, childish, shy, smart, kind, and confident.

Q~ What are you plans after High school?

A~ I plan on getting my foot in the door with a HVAC company and entering an apprenticeship program. From there after 4 years of training and school I will become a journeyman HVAC technician. 

Q~ What is your favorite High School memory so far?

A~ My favorite memory did not happen in High School. It was actually getting my dad on a dirt bike at age 44. We are out every chance we get doing the thing we love together. The memories him and I have made in these past 4 years are gold and I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

Name 3 things on your bucket list: 

* Ride all the sand dunes in the United States

* Travel

* Swim with sharks

Grayson is a fun, smart, handsome young man. I have known Grayson for at least 10 years now. I can't believe he is graduating High School this year. 

I wish you the best of luck in the future. I know you will do great things.