Tips to look good in wedding pictures:

With wedding season in full swing I want to share a few tips with you to look great in the pictures. We all want to look good in wedding pictures whether you are a guest, a family member, a bridesmaid, or the bride. Being a wedding photographer I would like to share some great tips for you to look fantastic in all the photos. 

1. Your eyes is the main focus to most images so you want to make sure you smile with your eyes.

2. Laughter is one of the best ways to avoid the fake smile. Even if it is a forced laugh eventually the others in your group will start laugh with you and you will love the picture. 

3. Posture is a key element in looking great. Standing up straight and lifting your head forward will help avoid double chin (which nobody likes). 

4. When looking for a dress for attending a wedding or you are a bridesmaid or the bride a lot of the dresses are strapless. If you are like me you may be a little self conscious about your arms. You will want to keep them a little ways out from your body to make them look slimmer. When you keep them pushed up against your body it can actually make them look bigger. Try to relax and be yourself. People will notice the fun, laughter and smile, and not your arms.

5. Guys you want to make sure the outfit you pick out whether it be a suit, tux, or casual pants and shirt that it fits perfect. If it doesn't fit great than you will feel self conscious and mess with it all day and that will show in the pictures.

6.  Remember to have fun. If you are the bride make sure you and the groom go somewhere quiet and away from everyone for your portraits. This will give you and your groom time together. That is when you will get very natural fun pictures. 

Beautiful image of the bride and bridesmaids. They are having fun and they look great.