Senior Portraits: Hannah

High School Senior Class 2018

Q~ How would you describe your style?

A~ Athlete boho chic

Q~ What is your favorite qoute or saying?

A~ "I define happiness as the capacity to understand and to love, because without understanding and love no happiness could be possible." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Q~ What are your hobbies?

A~ When my head is not in the millions of books for school, I like to draw, paint, and sometimes do paper crafts.

Q~ 10 words to describe myself

A~ Kind, compassionate, fun, generous, disciplined, hardworking, artistic, spiritual, thoughtful, sweet

Q~ What are you plans after High school?

A~I would like to attend a small private college in Oregon. My top choices are Pacific, Lewis and Clark, and Linfield. They all have a great swim team, are close to home, and have the right program for me to become a Physical Therapist.

Q~Do you play sports if so what sports?

A~I have been a competitive swimmer since I was six years old. I have been on three different teams over the years, slowly increasing my time spent in the water, and have had three different major injuries. With all that said, I have never stopped loving the sport and the water.

Q~ What is your favorite High School memory so far?

A~ Finding my place in the mess of junior year. For me, this involves a lot of life changes. Including switching teams, realizing a new religion, and learning about a more spiritual life.

Name 3 things on your bucket list: 

* Go back to China

* Swim in a warm ocean

* Anything else that comes my way.