Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Stafford D Photography is located in Springfield, Oregon. 


Are parents/siblings included in newborn sessions?

During our Full Newborn sessions, we have time for more poses and also to capture your full family together and big siblings with their new baby brother/sister.  Keep in mind that toddlers (18 months to 3 years old) are often unpredictable and they are still figuring out this new little person in their lives, so it can be more challenging to capture them with a newborn.  But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve!  Be sure to let me know ahead of time if you would like parent/sibling portraits so that I leave time at the end of the session.  Spouses and big siblings are always welcome at maternity sessions, as well!

What do I need to bring to a newborn session?  

All you need to bring is yourselves!  I have a large amount of blankets, baskets, hats, headbands, backdrops, and other props in the studio for newborn and baby sessions!  If there is something specific that you would like to have photographed with your baby, please feel free to bring it along.  In the past, clients have brought family heirlooms for their newborn session. If you have a specific wish for a prop that you've seen elsewhere, you are welcome to browse and bring along your own items - but know that I have plenty in my studio for you to choose from! 

How early should I book my session?

We prefer to book child and family sessions at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  If you are interested in maternity and newborn sessions, it is best to contact me when you are in your 5th-6th month of pregnancy.  The best time for maternity portraits is when you are between 31-35 weeks. If you choose to book a maternity session with your newborn session, we put both sessions on the calendar when you reserve the package.  If you are wanting a newborn session only, it is best to reserve your session about 4 weeks before your expected due date to ensure availability. 

Why are you so expensive?  I see other photographers charging half as much!

Our prices are based on many factors, but rest assured we have thought long and hard about pricing. We realize that custom photography is not for everyone and it's not in every family's budget. We are also fully licensed and insured and pay taxes to both the state and federal government.  Our studio is fully stocked with all the beautiful items you see in the portfolio images.  All those different blankets, baskets, backdrops, cute hats and headbands, wraps, and unique props are all in the storage room waiting for your baby!  Many times you can see the difference between photographers in the lighting, posing, and quality of the images on our websites.  We pride ourselves in being able to do more than just take a picture - we capture emotion in our photographs and create timeless keepsakes of your family.  Our goal for clients is that you leave with beautiful artwork for your walls that will last generations.

When and how do I pay?

Stafford D Photography is proud to offer multiple payment options.  You can pay by check, credit card and cash. All print orders are done online using a credit card. We accept all forms of payment and work with families on payment plans if requested.

What should we wear?

Newborns generally wear nothing at all.  Clothing is often too big for those itty bitty babes and they get lost in all that fabric!  So, we do most of our newborn session poses with your baby (tastefully!) in the buff. (If you prefer your baby to be covered, please let us know.  We have quite a few wraps, diaper covers, and rompers in our studio.

For 4mo, 8mo, and 12mo baby sessions, less is more!  Two outfits is usually the most that a baby will tolerate, so I ask that you bring your baby in the outfit that you most want photographed.  Then, if baby tolerates it, we’ll put on the second outfit and take some more beautiful portraits!  Specific suggestions will be given for each stage when you book those sessions on the calendar! 

What time of day will my session be held?

Most sessions are held on-location, in the evening. This is often called ‘the golden hour’ by photographers and it is when the sun casts a warm, beautiful glow on your skin.  Middle of the day is the worst time for portraits, as it is too bright, casts harsh shadows on faces, and creates squinty eyes.  

Newborn sessions are held inside. We create a very warm comfortable environment for your little one. Adults please dress in layers as you will most likely get warm. We schedule these studio sessions within the first 10 days if at all possible as this is when newborns are bendy and curly and allow us to pose them in all of those sweet ways! Lifestyle newborn sessions are held in your home and can be done anytime after a baby is born - these are perfect for 'older' newborns who are more than 2 weeks old.

Family sessions are usually scheduled for evening when the light is perfect and beautiful. We have locations all around the Eugene/Springfield area (within40miles)- gardens, parks, downtown, etc.  If you have toddlers or your children aren't happy in the evenings, we can definitely look at another time/location - just ask!

What happens if we need to reschedule?

Sickness happens, and rain does too.  If it happens to rain on the day of your outdoor session, we will reschedule to the first mutually available date possible.  No worries!  For newborns, if your baby is born premature and needs to stay in the hospital for a little while, we will hold our session the week that he/she comes home.  Chances are, we will still be able to get those sleepy baby photos!

When will I see my photos?

If you agree, we will post a sneak peek of your session on Facebook and/or my blog within a day or two of your session.  The full gallery of images will be presented to you approximately two weeks following your session. 

Why can’t you just burn me a CD of the pictures? Do I have to have to buy your full package?

Custom photography is an investment - each image is hand-edited to print beautifully.  If we only sold CD’s of images, how many of those pictures would actually get printed?  I actually know the answer to this because I used to sell ‘just CD’s’.  And more and more of my clients were telling me that they never got around to actually ordering pictures from their CD.  And I am guilty of this myself!  I keep meaning to print photos of my kids, but another day goes by and I get so busy that I forget.

These portraits are precious memories that you have invested in...and we want you to look at them every day.  

We do offer a wonderful photo app of some of your favorite images because we feel strongly that you should be able to have, and share your favorite images from our session together if you wish.

How long do you store images after our session?

All ordered images are stored for at least one year - we try to keep all images for as long as possible in case your order becomes damaged.  Unordered images are purged after 30 days in order to leave room for new session images.

Do you offer gift certificates? 

Yes!  Gifting a friend or family member with a session is a wonderfully thoughtful idea.  

Have other questions?